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Speak Of The Devil

(underspaces) represents the collaborative work of an intimate, growing body of artists with the desire to show work in an environment recognized and understood by its audience and inhabitants as a “home.”

Inspired by Jennifer Pappas’ “Identity of Decay with Ofra Lapid,” featured in Volume 22 of Hi Fructose magazine, a curiosity roused curator Alexis Auvert as to how a pre-existing dwelling could accommodate itself naturally for the unconventional display of a mixed media collection of work.

Here is an example of one of the finished works by Daniel Fleming. His object was the “Murder, Ink” pad and pen set designed by Fred and Friends.

The prompt was simple enough. From a selective collection of “objects” that call this project space “home,” dependent on the artist, an object was shared with them for the purpose of creating a new “object.” Media and presentation was open, as was communication between artist and curator during the month long proposal period for the works selected.

These individually chosen objects will be on display for a one time afternoon event for the viewing pleasure of those invited, the artists, and for those curious to see how hospitality and creativity can embrace one another for a nontraditional approach of the “gallery.”

The reception will take place on Friday the 13th from 4PM – 8PM, with food catered by Alexis Auvert (and loving support).

Without the inquiry of this talented range in artists, this project would not be possible.

Alejandra Perez
Amanda Huff
Amber Krueger
Andrea Dolter
Autumn Elizabeth Clark
Benjamin Grauer
Blythe Elizabeth Davis
Brad Fiore
Busby Cagle
Caitlin Donald
Chris Regner
Claire Smith
Clarice Houseye
Daniel Fleming
Gabriella Grant
Joseph Reeves
Joshua Ramirez
Kyle Krueger
Megan Griffa
Paul Rabe
Richard Perkins
William Carpenter

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